Claude Debussy


      The 150 years anniversary after Debussy's birth, was the occasion to turn a long-lasting confrontation with his music into a musical-theatrical performance. Debussy's music which, upon listening, would colour my childhood imagination, remained the most familiar and loved, however many new musical experiences were added to it.

      Another opportunity, that of the customary Christmas Concert at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens, gave the images, the emotions and several years of study the chance to be expressed on stage. Not, however, with yet another Debussy concert, but with a dramatised musical story, which tried to recount the composer's diversity, his music's sensitivities, his relationship with impressionist painters and symbolic poets, his tempestuous friendships and affairs, the love for his young daughter.

      What makes Debussy special? He searched for inspiration outside music itself, in dreams and impressions.It would be good to see music...” he used to say characteristically, revealing his passion for colour and his visual approach to a form of art based mainly on sounds. He used innovative rhythm, harmony and orchestration, making him the first “modern” composer. He never compromised in order to secure a position in Parisian musical life, but put all his energy trying to find his own, authentic voice, his own Μusique à moi.

      I entrusted the idea for this performance to Dionyssis Mallouhos; Mania Papadimitriou cordially joined in. We discovered the ideal Mary Garden - Mélisande in the face of Myrsini Margariti. The excitement of the performance bore the wish to record it. And so we ended up with this album, adding to Debussy's fellowship Tassos Apostolou as Golaud.

      Debussy's works included in the performance and the CD were chosen depending on the narrative. Some of them are original compositions, but some others, written by Debussy for piano or orchestra, we adapted for flute, piano and voice, believing that his music is not confined in this way, but new aspects of it are to emerge.

 but allowed to flourish, revealing new aspects of his soul.

Natalia Gerakis