1. Take a deep breath!  (Dancing Grass, The Medium)
  2. A pleasant dream  (Just So)
  3. Woe is me!  (Porcupeinstein)
  4. Me too!  (The Medium, Porcupeinstein)
  5. Song of the mute singer  (Yellow Bird, The Medium, Spirit Aki)
  6. There was a peaceful mind  (The Medium, Yellow Bird)
  7. What’s going on in this world?  (The Medium)
  8. Bound to her quiet flowing  (The Medium)
  9. If you’re going to tickle me....  (Just So)
  10. Diagnosed psychopath!  (The Medium, Dancing Grass)
  11. Sign  (The Medium)
  12. Ignis  (Ypar)
  13. Nefsa  (Porcupeinstein, The Medium)
  14. Psyche  (Redneck)
  15. North of the north wind  (North Wind)
  16. Let’s do it!  (Just So)

Music composed, improvised and performed by Porcupeinstein, The Medium, North Wind, Just So, Ypar, Dancing Grass, Yellow Bird, Spirit Aki and Redneck.
Also performed by Aha, Coyote, Freaky Mouse and Iasson.